Uniframe is a single and closed frame made with a 30×20 section tube, 2mm thickness. The top leans on the frame and is fixed with M6 screws. Thanks to a sheet metal adapter it’s possible to use the same frame with our 2 vertical legs MAMMUT and KEFREN


The frame is produced with a square profile of 45mm. Laser-worked it ensures maximum precision. There is 10mm of space between the wooden top and the stand. The EDGE stand frame is robust and stable even if you decide to install a thin top of 18mm thickness because it uses 2 rectangular beams with the 60×30 profile. These beams are laser-worked too.

Metal Pedestals

Metal pedestals to support methacrylate or glass panels of 5mm thickness. The metal structures can be combined with a modular system or they can be independent. Easy to install they can be moved according to your needs even after being installed.



A range of products created from a single supporting shell in 12/10 grade sheet metal, reinforced internally with 10×40 steel tubing and a steel base pressed from 20/10 grade sheet metal. The feet are adjustable. The 10 mm side edge allows enough internal space to carry files 380 mm long. The drawer is made of one piece mounted on ball-bearing runners which can be entirely removed, two internal trellises for folders of different sizes, recessed handle in satin aluminium, anti-tilt system with central drawer locking, extractable lock barrel and two articulated keys.
Accessories and options (key for extractable lock barrel, skeleton key, custom colours and sizes, wood front, casters, metal internal divider). Components made in Italy.